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Monday, 22 May 2017

A young woman, Halima Kabiru has committed suicide by drinking poison following a heated argument with her husband in the Afita Mama Pandogari area, Kagara Council of Niger State. The police in Niger State say they are investigating the case.

It was gathered that the woman was rushed to a hospital for medical attention, but later died.
According to the husband, Musa Kabiru, he and his wife had quarreled sometime last week, after which she rushed into the house and drank poison.

He said, “I had a misunderstanding with her. We were arguing over water to drink in the house. “My wife took an offence and drank poison because of the misunderstanding between us.”

The Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said the command’s operatives responded to a distress call from Musa and on reaching there, the woman was already unconscious.

He said, “The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention but she later died. The matter is still under investigation.”

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A lecturer at the Ogun State College of Health Technology, Ilese Ijebu, Dr Oluseyi Adu, and a Dental Nursing student, Mosunmola, are embroiled in a row over who is responsible for the pregnancy that the nursing student is carrying.

Mosunmola, who is nine months pregnant, alleged that Adu was responsible for the child in her womb, adding that they had sex in a hotel sometime in August, 2016.

She said the lecturer beat her up last month when she confronted him at the college for avoiding her, adding that the case was already at the Ilese Police Station.

However, while Adu admitted to having sex with the 28-year-old, he insisted that he used contraceptive, saying the lady seduced him and he gave in to the temptation.

Mosunmola told our correspondent that she underwent a three-year course at the college, adding that several lecturers had asked her out before Adu, but she refused.

She said, “Dr Adu is the Oral Health Coordinator for the college. During my three years study, he taught me two courses each semester. I have never failed his course.
“When I got to second semester, 300 level, he awarded me 38 in one of his courses. I went to his office in August 2016 to know why I failed the course. I needed to pass all my courses to be able to go for my board exam.
“He asked me if I thought I could just come to the school and go like that. He said if I dated him, he would waive the course. He said he didn’t approach me in 100 level because another lecturer was interested in dating me.
“The lecturer he mentioned told me in 100 level that it was either I paid him money or used my body to pass his course. Because I didn’t agree, I failed his course. I didn’t pass it until I got to 300 level.
“I told Adu that I would date him, but I didn’t want to have any problem, and he assured me that there would be no regret.”

The victim said the lecturer took her to the office of the Head of Department and after some discussions, it was agreed that she could sit for the board exam.

After the board exam at POGIL College of Health Technology, Oke-Eri, Ijebu Ode, on August 21, Adu, who was among those on the panel, was said to have given Mosunmola some of his practical instruments and a laptop for safekeeping.

However, Mosunmola said when the school bus arrived to take the students back to the school, she forgot to give the practical instruments back to the lecturer.

She said Adu later called and asked her to bring the instruments to a hotel where he lodged.

“I was preparing to leave when he called me back that I would be sleeping over with him.
“I met him with another lecturer in my department. I observed that the lecturer also had a female student with him. From the hotel, we went to different places before we finally lodged in another hotel along Ilese Road. While I was with Adu in a room, my other classmate passed the night with the second lecturer in another room.
“We had three rounds of sex. He didn’t release on time. He used two condoms for the first two rounds. The third round was, however, flesh-to-flesh. That was when he ejaculated inside me,” she explained.

She said the lecturer dropped her off at home and they continued their relationship, until she stopped seeing her menstruation a few weeks later.

The Ogun State indigene said she became worried after she started vomiting, adding that she took a pregnancy test, which was positive.

She said when Adu heard the news, he reluctantly accepted responsibility, but allegedly gave her a drug, Eprostol, to abort the pregnancy.

She said,

“I refused to take the drug because the prescription was not from a medical doctor. He came down to my place to persuade me to take the drug, but I still refused. He asked me what I wanted and I told him that I needed to change my accommodation because the pregnancy was a shameful thing for me. He told me not to worry, that he would handle it. After that, we had sex.
“When he left that day, I could not find my phone again. By the time I got another phone and called him, he started acting funny. Sometime, he would just laugh at me.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that several people had attempted to mediate in the situation without any success.

Mosunmola said attempts by Adu’s HOD, dean, and provost to mediate were rebuffed by the lecturer.

The victim said she later approached the Human Rights Office of the Ogun State Ministry of Justice at Ijebu-Ode, where a lawyer, one Kolade, called the parties for a meeting.

Adu was reported to have agreed to pay N5,000 feeding allowance per month, in addition to paying N7,000 for ante-natal registration.

After paying the allowance for two months, Adu reportedly stopped.

The parties reportedly held another meeting in March at the human rights office to review the agreement.

Conflict was said to have broken out among the parties when Mosunmola presented a list of things required for her delivery, which she valued at N50,000.

Adu was said to have insisted on paying N30,000, which the 28-year-old refused.

“I didn’t have any accommodation and I couldn’t buy any of the drugs the doctors prescribed for me. I told him I would only manage the N50,000. He left in annoyance.
“Since March, the lawyer didn’t call us back and Adu refused to pay the N5,000 he used to give me every month. I called the lawyer late March and asked him to help me get the N30,000, but the lawyer said I should not call him again,” she said.

After reporting the lecturer to the Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Ministry of Health, where Adu also worked, without any result, Mosunmola said she became desperate and went to the college on April 13 when she knew Adu would be taking a class.

She said while pleading with him for money for her medical expenses, the lecturer assaulted her.

She said some people intervened and she reported a case of assault to the police at the Ilese division, Ijebu Ode.

“I am now in my 38 weeks and anytime soon, I will have my child. I am an orphan and I don’t have any of my baby items ready. I am begging Nigerians to come to my rescue. I know I have made a mistake, but I need a second chance at life. I don’t have anywhere to go. It is a church that is accommodating me now,” she said.

When our correspondent reached out to Adu to appeal to him to raise the N50,000 for the baby things, he said he had no money and would not borrow because Mosunmola had turned him to a “cash cow.”

He said he had already informed his wife about the incident, adding that there was nothing that could surprise him again as he had lost his credibility over the incident.

Adu said, “She was one of my students; but on a personal level, I never knew her until after they released her final results and she failed some courses, including mine.
“Her HOD asked her to come and ask me if I could waive the course for her. She called me on the phone and came to see me in the office. That was my first contact with this lady. When she made her request, I met her HOD who said I should assist her. He said even if I did, she might not sit for the board exam because of the other courses she failed. So, I passed her.

“When they sat for the board exam, I was surprised to see her and I asked her HOD why she wrote the exam when she had other courses she failed. He said people begged for her.
“After the board exam, she came to thank me for the assistance and she asked to carry my bag and the instruments I used to conduct the exam. By the time she was leaving, I collected my bag from her, but I forgot my instruments with her.
“That day, I went to hang out with my friend at the pool of a hotel where we lodged. Suddenly, I remembered my instruments and I called her to keep them well. But she said she could come to where I was and she came. After dropping the instruments, she didn’t leave as I expected and I decided not to bother her.
“We were together at the hotel till evening. One thing led to the other. My brother, she slept in my room that night and we had (sexual) intercourse. This was a girl I never dated or had any relationship with.”

He said by weekend, Mosunmola called him that she was pregnant, adding that she later said she was only joking about it and wanted to see his reaction.

Adu said the call made him to stop communicating with Mosunmola and he did not respond anytime she called, until she sent him a text message saying the pregnancy had become real.

He said,

“I decided to travel down to Ijebu to see her. She brought out the test result and said I was responsible. I told her I used a condom and she couldn’t tell me that my condom burst. She said if I was afraid because I was married, I should not bother because the pregnancy actually belonged to her boyfriend and she merely wanted to see my reaction. I warned her and left.
“The next time she called me, she said how would she take my pregnancy to her boyfriend, and that I should take responsibility for it. She said she would abort the pregnancy if I wanted her to, but I must rent a house for her in Ijebu Ode and then she described the kind of house she wanted.
“When I heard that, I told her to do her worst, because it was obvious to me that she just wanted to blackmail me. She had been going round different places, telling people that I impregnated her. The question I ask is, did I rape her? Did I hypnotise her? You came to meet me where I was and we had fun, and now you are pregnant, and you are telling me I am responsible for a pregnancy I am denying?”

He said before Mosunmola could reach his wife, he quickly reported himself to her and begged for her forgiveness.

The medical practitioner said he reluctantly agreed to pay the N5,000 after much persuasion by the human rights lawyer, adding that he regretted the agreement because Mosunmola used it to make more demands on him.

“When she brought the list for the baby things, I asked her, ‘Why are you making me as if I am the father of your baby? Am I your husband?
“She suddenly flared up and said I should even go away that she didn’t want anything from me again. She cursed me and after that encounter, I decided to stop giving her anything,” he added.

He said Mosunmola came to attack him during the lecture. He said she was about stripping him naked when he forcefully detached himself from her.

Adu explained that the case of assault against him at the Ilese division had been thrown out after he told the police the student was the aggressor.

“People impregnate people and nothing happens. Why is she treating me as if I had done something criminal?
“The worst that will happen now is for me to die. I am not a young man; if I die, people will cry and I will be done.
“But I also ask myself, what if the pregnancy is mine? My prayer now is for her to deliver safely and we will determine the paternity of the child,” he said.

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A year-old baby girl was snatched from her 30-year-old mother and gang raped in Danja Local Government Area of Katsina State.

The incident occurred when one Suleiman and Musa tricked the woman to board their motorcycle, snatched the baby and took her to a bush, where Musa and another person raped the baby.

The Katsina State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Gambo Isah, confirmed the development to newsmen, noting that a secondary suspect, Suleiman, has been arrested, while a manhunt has been launched for the primary suspects, Musa, and the other person.

He said the father of the baby, Ahmadu Jibril, 50, reported the case at Central Police Station, Funtua Local Government Area.

The PPRO narrated that the baby’s father, Jibril, said his wife was returning from Angwan Bawa in Danja, when one Suleiman connived with Musa and another to attack his wife and raped his daughter.

It was gathered that the baby, who sustained injuries, was rushed to the General Hospital in Funtua and has been discharged.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

A man identified as one Remigius Enwerem was on Friday, killed by a stray bullet allegedly fired by one of the policemen brought in by two brothers battling over the leadership of Banana Junction motor park at Amaifeke in Orlu Council Area of Imo State, with their younger sibling.

According to the Sun, the police team was allegedly brought by the Ozioma and Ozoemena Agubata group to apparently dislodge the boys of their younger brother Nkeonyere from the park.

It was gathered that the battle for control of the park between the three siblings started in February when another innocent passer-by was also hit by a stray bullet when the siblings also clashed. But it was learnt that Nkeonyere Agubata had spent his personal money to treat the gunshot victim to save his life.

It was further learnt that the two elder brothers, who allegedly have the backing of another local strongman (names withheld), were not comfortable with their younger brother’s control of the motor park.

With the ardent backing of the local strongman, Ozioma and Ozoemena stormed the park with a horde of thugs and about 40 policemen led by the Area Commander who promptly arrested some of the boys working for Nkeonyere. Recounting what led to the tragic death of Mr Enewrem, a source told Sunday Sun:

"The battle over the park by the three siblings of the same parents began last Sunday (May 14)  when Ozioma and Ozoemena with their boys came with about 40 policemen led by the Area Commander and arrested Chukwuebuka Amadi, Onyemauche Mba, Uchechukwu Okafor, Chinedu Okafor and Abraham who work for Nkeonyere at the park. After, the police had taken them away Ozioma and Ozoemena then put their boys at the park. But when the police left, Nkeonyere returned to the park with more of his boys and sacked the boys of his elder brothers from the park and took effective control."

On her part, the wife of the embattled chairman of the motor park, Mrs. Chiamaka Nkeonyere Agubata disclosed to Sunday Sun that in the early morning of Friday, the two elder brothers came to their house with armed policemen to arrest her husband.

"Around 5 am on Friday, Ozioma and Ozoemena came with armed policemen to our house and asked for my husband. I told them that he had travelled but they forcefully entered the house and after searching the entire house they did not show me whatever they took. But before leaving the policemen gave me a written note that my husband should report to the SCID as requested by the state Commissioner of Police, but when my husband returned from his trip he discovered that some money he kept in his room was missing."

She further revealed that one of their neighours had alerted them last Sunday morning that armed policemen in five Toyota Hilux vans who were accompanied by Ozioma and Ozoemena and their boys had already surrounded their house.

"When I received the call from our neighour I told my husband because we had already left for the market at Amaifeke at Banana Junction but as Ozioma sighted him around the market he rushed at him and tried to hold him so that the police would be able to bundle him into their van but as my husband was struggling to free himself from the grip of his brother, the leader of the police team ordered that he be shot and as one of the policemen opened fire, my husband was lucky to slip out of his hands and managed to dodge the bullet which hit Remigius Enwerem, who was just passing. But instead of the policemen to assist the victim they all fled and abandoned him in his pool of blood. It was later when my husband came back that he tried to rush him to the Imo State University Teaching Hospital but he died on the way and his body was later deposited at the mortuary."

When he spoke with Sunday Sun, Nkeonyere alleged that his elders brothers were being sponsored by the local strongman, who is being driven by greed. He implored the Inspector General of Police, the Imo State governor and the Commissioner of Police to save him from being killed as his life is under threat.

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chris Ezike, who confirmed that the National Union of Road Transport Workers had a problem at the park, said that the Area commander of Orlu had already made some arrest and the matter was being investigated by the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID).

However, he claimed that nobody was killed and that peace had been restored to the motor park.

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The Nigerian Army may have begun an internal search for soldiers and officers suspected to be engaging in political meetings, a top military source has revealed.

Some other sources who spoke yesterday noted that the establishment of an army unit in Daura, Katsina State, on Friday, named Muhammadu Buhari Forward Operation Base, by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, was an effort to fortify the president’s hometown and a public pledge of loyalty.

On Tuesday, Buratai, in a tense language, had warned officers and soldiers to steer clear of politics, as information had reached him that some officers were involved in political meetings for “undisclosed reasons.”

The army chief had advised officers and soldiers interested in politicking to resign from the service, as any officer caught would be severely penalized.

Three days after the alert (Friday), Buratai went to Daura, where he inaugurated the army unit, and paid a courtesy call on the Emir of Daura, Dr Faruk Umar.

The details of the meeting have yet to be known.

The army chief, at the ceremony, had said the establishment of the unit was to enhance security in parts of 1 Division, which Daura town fell under.

Also, the Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, said, “The establishment of the new unit was part of the implementation of the Nigerian Army approved Order of Battle 2016 (ORBAT 2016) by the Army council.

“Prior to that, the COAS was also at the Palace of his Royal Highness, Alhaji Faruk Umar, the Emir of Daura, for a courtesy call.”

The top army source said the army knew quite well the weight of its statement on politicking soldiers in the country and had already followed up with high intelligence-driven search, adding that the public groups and civil societies could not be more rigorous than the army.

Other sources said that some of the suspected political meetings were held under the guise of some of the recently redeployed 147 soldiers and officers, allegedly trying to familiarize with their new hosts.

When contacted on the measures the army was taking on the alert of soldiers hobnobbing with politicians, the army spokesman, Usman, said the army was a professional service, and would not hesitate to brief the public if it considered the information as necessary.

He said, “The army is a disciplined and professional service. We relate well with the Nigerian public. When there is need to disclose information, we will.”

Security has also been beefed up at the Federal Capital, Abuja to prevent any unrest. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) officials, it was learnt, have been holding meetings keep it safe from any attack

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Read yet another chilling piece from Missing Lynx below...

To the long lost one I hope I find you someday. 

The one who's bosom I long to embrace, of who's passion I desired but never tested. 

Of her birth suit I obsessed about paying little attention to the far greater insight she held within. 

A peep into her soul I yearn for now cause greater insights I have now than then, in my memories she will remain incase I never see her again because she saw it in me even when it was covered in mud.

When I found you, you said uve lost it to some guy less worth it.

Of wat difference was that to me? By now I was more open to you and I wanted same, but you kept judging me by my past of which all of those I was but never again. 

My actions you misunderstood, I saw through it all that you were lost and in search for meaning, looking for true intentions in a world full of masquerade.

But am scared that you don't become a monster and loose your heart while fighting monsters.

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A 7-year-old boy, identified as George Tamunoibuemie, has allegedly been murdered by his father, a police source said in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Sunday Vanguard gathered that the incident occured yesterday. The father, who was simply described as Inimgba, reportedly struck his child with a hard object. Nobody could explain why he did so.

A neighbour, who gave her name as (Stella, not real name), said the father abandoned the child, thus forcing him to fend for himself. The neighbour said she bought a pencil for the child to go to school on Thursday only to hear he had been murdered by the father.

“Just this week, I saw this little boy at a shop, people gathered around him. He stole a doughnut and everyone was blaming his father, saying he wasn’t giving him food and that, that was why the boy stole. They said the father and the boy’s step mum maltreated him. I saw scar all over his body. The people he stole the doughnuts from even gave him more doughnuts and soft drink. I took the little boy to my house and interviewed him. He was an intelligent boy. He told me the same thing and even asked me to give him a pencil to school which I did.
I also bought biscuits for him, took photograph of him before he left. I promised to see his father but couldn’t due to my tight schedule this (last week). This morning, I woke up to hear that his father has killed him. The father beat him to death. The father is at the Amadi police station now while the little boy’s body has been taken to the mogue. I saw the father briefly being held at the station as he was claiming that he only beat him small”, she said.

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